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Celebrate life's biggest moments with personalized keepsake memory books

The perfect gift for...

Celebrating milestone birthdays

30th - 50th - 70th

What better reason to celebrate a loved one or friend than marking their milestone birthdays with stories from the past year, decade, or lifetime. Make this birthday one they'll always remember.

Commemorating big life events

Graduation - wedding - Retirement

From graduations, to weddings, to retirements and all the milestones in between (bar/bat mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, business launches, anniversaries, etc), it's all worth commemorating.

The person who doesn't need anything

Grandparents - 1st Years

Whether it's for a Grandparent filled with messages from their grandchildren or documenting your child's first year of life, those memories could mean more than anything else they might receive.

Celebrations of Life

Remembering those who have passed

Preserve the memories you shared with the vibrancy you have of them now. Capture every detail with the you want to remember and give yourself or a loved one an anchor to turn to when the waves of grief head your way.

Give a gift they will cherish forever

It's more than just a photobook, it captures the memories you share

Stories from the Heart

It's a heartfelt gift that goes beyond only photos by sharing what your beloved memories mean to you.

Collection of Messages

We help you gather stories from other family members or friends to create a collection of memories & well wishes.

Personalized Designs

We create customized designs that seamlessly match your messages helping you give them a one of a kind gift.

Christmas Gift Countdown

Celebrate a big life event from this past year in a Beloved Memories book. Order by December 18th:

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    How It Works

    Step 1: Have a consultation with a team member to create a personalized plan
    Step 2: Collect and share all memories, well wishes, or photos
    Step 3: We design and customize your memory book
    Step 4: You review a draft of the book
    Step 5: The book is finalized and delivered to you

    Celebrate the people that matter to you

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    We believe there should be more celebration and love shared in the world.After creating personalized memory books and celebration of life websites for family members, we kept receiving notes from people we didn't know, wishing they could have something like this too. And so, Beloved Memories was created. Connect with us at

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